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Cangzhou Tengyu Electronics Co., Ltd.

Focus on counting metal stamping, mold manufacturing, welding parts;
The company's products are exported at home and abroad. There are perfect sales networks and technical service teams to provide customers with solutions in time;
There are complete types of products in the industry;

Technical strength

The team service industry for more than twenty years of R & D technology team and after -sales service network; the company


According to your requirements, according to the characteristics of your industry, a one -on -one guidance of senior engineers will customize solutions for you for free, and perfectly solve all your product processing problems。

Perfect service system

7*24 -hour service system, allowing you to have product problems at any time, we can solve you in time;
The company provides lifelong maintenance for the products sold to ensure that the parts of the equipment are supplied at preferential prices for a long time;




About Us / ABOUT US

Cangzhou Tengyu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise mainly based on metal stamping, mold manufacturing, welding parts and product development and manufacturing. 50 million pieces of products, the annual output value can reach 20 million yuan.The company was first establi...

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